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Akiva™ is the next generation of repellents. An Anti-Mosquito lotion developed to give your family long hours of protection while being gentle for the skin and safe for everyone*

Akiva bottles in 2 sizes and a sachet in front of a picture of a young boy hugging his mom. Credit to Niccolo Pontigia for photo.

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Daily Usage

Safe for pregnant women & kids over 2 months

Hypoallergenic & lab tested

Gentle for you,
invisible for others

Smooth Application

Akiva™ is a light lotion with a great scent. After a smooth and pleasant application, the lotion virtually disappears, leaving an invisible protection that is not sticky, greasy, or smelly.

Powerful and safe protection

High Safety

Akiva™ is designed to limit the active ingredient’s absorption into the skin. This means the repellent stays on your skin where it belongs so you and your loved ones avoid skin irritations and can enjoy your day free from the insects' bites.

Mother kissing her young daughter on the cheek. Both are wearing a white dress and have a natural afro. Credit to Barbara Olsen for the photo.
Teacher in a blue short sleeved shirt looking at the camera with two students in white - one male and one female. Credit to Mikhail Nilov for the photo.

For everyone, everywhere, every day

Long Lasting Protection

Powered by LivFul's patented technology, STAYTEC™, Akiva™ is designed to evaporate slowly. This means it stays on your skin longer to protect you and your family for up to 14 hours, wherever you are, every day.

image of Akiva packaging in two sizes of bottles and one sachet, on top of waving ferns.

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